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"Parenting Now" is the name of a series of symposiums and workshop events that CSPA offered over a number of years. These FREE events provide parents, guardians, and caregivers the opportuntiy to gather and learn about both parenting and education issues. The format was designed to enable participants to discuss and share their experiences.

Parenting Now was made possible with the support of the Ontario Ministry of Education and the Ottawa Catholic School Board.

The following keynote speakers have been featured at previous Parenting Now events

Keynote Topic  Date
Marian Small Achieving Success in Math and Beyond: Supporting your Child's Math November 2014
Mike Baine Chilld and Youth Mental Health: What Parents Want to Know October 2013
Pabi Rizal Resiliency & the Power of Education - the story of Pabi Rizal October 2012
Dr. Michael Cheng What's Up With Today's Youth? Generation Me And What Parents Can Do about it...  March 2012
Dr. Bruce Ferguson Raising Resilient Children  November 2011
Dr. Andrew Pipe Healthy & Active Children: Send Your Kids Outside to Play  April 2011
Kristen Yates Privacy and Social Networking: Teaching kids to build a secure online identity  November 2010
Barbara Coloroso Just Because it's Not Wrong, Doesn't Make it Right (excerpt on Ethics)  April 2010

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