Part of CSPA's mandate is to provide information school councils and parents in order to support the success of all students.  Research shows that students will be more successful when their parents are more involved with their education.

This page provides links to presentation materials from CSPA events hosted throughout the school year.  This page is continually being updated throughout the school year as we receive materials from our speakers.  It may take time to receive materials and post them, we appreciate your patience.  Note that if there is an expiry date on the material it will be indicated in brackets.


School Year 2023-2024

A.I. Night for Parents   Slide Presentation
Respectful Conversations About Race (Lesa Williams-George)   Resources
Understanding Mathematics for the Elementary School Learner   Slide Presentation
café français   Facebook LIVE | Slide Presentation
The Power of Relationship and Play   Recording *available until January 5th, 2024 | Monthly Blog
Inspiration & Confidence Builds Leadership / School Council Conference
         Miguel Martinez    Personal Progress Worksheet | Contact Info
         Brave Education   Parent Tip Sheet
         Land Acknowledgements    Slide Presentation
An Inclusive Education
         An Inclusive Education   Slide Presentation
         IEPs - How to Effectively Collaborate   Slide Presentation
         Let's Talk Building Skills to Reduce Challenging Behaviours   Slide Presentation
         Let's Talk SLP Services   Slide Presentation
         Empower your Child with Assistive Technology Tools   Slide Presentation
Activating Back Student Success through Parent Engagement   Recording | Slide Presentation
Celebrate and Connect: A Special Event for Parents of Indigenous Students 
Summer Institute for Parents
         Understanding Psychological Assessment   Slide Presentation
         Understanding Bullying   Parent Resource

School Year 2022-2023

Mental Health May
         Nutrition and Mental Health
         Mental Health Supports at the OCSB
         Equity in Mental Health
         Tech Overuse & Online Addictions
         Unpacking Identities
Anxiety and the Social Impact of Learning Disabilties   Slide Presentation | Handbook
Walk a Mile in my Shoes   Slide Presentation | Handbook
Activating Black Student Success through Parent Engagement   Recording | Slide Presentation
Gifted 101   Slide Presentations: Giftedness in the Wild | Riding out the Storm
The Roots of Hatred and Intolerance   Recording
How to Protect your Child from Sexual Exploitation   Parents Package
The Importance of Play and Child Development (Kinder)   RECORDINGSlide Presentation
Making the Most of your Digital Camera   Tip Card
Summer Institute for Parents
         Transitioning to Kindergarten at the OCSB   RECORDING | Slide Presentation
         Transition Planning for Children with Individual Education Plans (IEP) 

School Year 2021-2022

Making the Most of your Digital Camera   Tip Card
Combating Online Hate in Schools   Resources
Thriving After High School   Online Course | DiscoverYear
Environmental Activism for Families with World Changing Kids   Slide Presentation | Resource List
cafe francais   RECORDING | Slide Presentation
Activating Black Student Success through Parent Engagement
Mental Health Night
         What is motivation and why does it matter?   Slide Presentation
         Mental Health Supports at the OCSB   RECORDING | Slide Presentation
         Supporting Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health   Slide Presentation
         Tech Overuse & Online Addictions   Slide Presentation
         Equity in Mental Health   Slide Presentation
Family Dinners over the Christmas Break   RECORDING
Tech in Education
         OCSB E-sports - Leading the way!   Slide Presentation
         Introduction to Minecraft Education Edition   Slide Presentation
         Real coding for kids - Exploring Microbits   RECORDING
         Introduction to Coding with Scratch   RECORDING
         Exploring WeVideo   RECORDING
         Introduction to 3D Printing & Design   RECORDING
         Introduction to Screencastify   RECORDING
         Protection for your Home Network   RECORDING | Slide Presentation
         Troubleshooting - What do do when things go wrong!   RECORDING
         Registering for the Parent Portal   RECORDING
         Digital Math Tools   RECORDING
         Elementary Math Tools   RECORDING | Slide Presentation
         An Introduction to RazKids   Slide Presentation
         Introduction to EquatIO   RECORDING | Handout
Supporting Great Study Habits   Event Resources | Book Suggestion: No-Drama Discipline
Raise them Strong with Brooks Gibbs   RECORDING | Event Resources
Fostering Body Respect   RECORDING
An Inclusive Education
         IEPs: How to Effectively Collaborate   Slide Presentation
         Interventions to Support Struggling Learns   Slide Presentation
         An Inclusive Education Environment   RECORDING | Slide Presentation
         Understanding Your Child's Learning Disability   RECORDING | Slide Presentation
         Special Education Resources for Parents (Ministry of Education)
         IEP Fact Sheet
Meal Prep with SupperWorks  Recording | Slide Presentation | SupperWorks Video Resources
Summer Institute for Parents
         Indigenous 101 for Parents   RECORDINGS: Part 1 & Part 2 | Slide Presentation
         Transitioning Back to School   RECORDING | Slide Presentation
         New Grade 9 Math Curriculum   RECORDING | Slide Presentation